5 thoughts on “A tale of two MOOCs

  1. Great post! I had a similar experience with MOOCs. I took two at once once and the one with a greater level of peer feedback/interactivity ended up keeping me involved for the entire duration of the course – while my involvement in the other faded away.

    The big problem with MOOCs is – like you sort of allude to in your post – falling behind with it all and not being able to catchup.


  2. This was a great read. Thanks for sharing your experience Steven. I have been toying with the idea of enrolling in a MOOC (primarily for the experience) so your experience and insights will go a long way to guiding me.
    P.S: Enjoy your time at NLS7 – sadly I will have to miss out as the dates clash with my son’s exams.
    (found you via #blogjune!)


      • Steven, I am thinking of staying within the LIS field for now. I finished my Diploma in LIS in Dec and currently work p/t in a high school library. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.


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