Returning to blogging for #BlogJune 2015!

Hi again. It’s been a while. One year, in fact. Too long. I haven’t blogged recently because of a number of reasons including settling into full-time library work for the first time, moving from one side of the city to the other for aforementioned work, personal difficulties, commitments to Health Libraries Inc, and preparing to write two conference presentations and a journal paper! Phew.

I’m participating in #BlogJune again for 2015, hopefully to kickstart an ongoing habit of blogging (for real this time…so he says!). But I’m going to dial down my expectations for myself. There is just no way I will end up blogging every day. I’m setting a target of three decent blog posts. A low target to shoot for, but therefore one I should be able to nail by the end of June.

Maybe it’s cheating, but I’ve already written my first piece. Except it’s a guest post for another blog! I’m flying to Sydney to present at New Librarians Symposium 7 next month. I’m collaborating with Nikki May from Flinders University Library to speak jointly on: Two new health librarians take on the world of evidence-based healthcare.

Really happy to see my piece featured in ALIA Weekly today (Volume 3, Issue 23, 10 June 2015)! Anyway, here’s hoping I’ll be able to deliver my three posts as promised. Good to be back.

Photo credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA


One thought on “Returning to blogging for #BlogJune 2015!

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